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Virtual Celebration of Service Event

Please set aside the 11 AM hour on June 2 to participate in a virtual Celebration of Service to honor our retirees and all employees! Further details will be announced on Monday!

Keri Self
The Collegian- Issue 24!

This week's issue includes topics such as mental health, the Freshman mentor program, and how summer camps are managing this summer! Head to aswwucollegian.com to read all our new content!

Cindy Lopez
EWB Tanzania Project Applications for Next Year

EWB is looking for team members excited about humanitarian development! Over the next few years we will be working with the community of Manda, Tanzania to supply them with water. We aren't just looking for engineers, all majors welcome. Apply here: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=SPBY2THkd0Kcjev7deeqZHdJAefJixRAlCi55NS__LZUQUJUTVFQOE5MR0Q5NUZVNFc4NFRTNUxUVCQlQCN0PWcu

Xander Culver