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Walla Walla University was founded in 1892. At that time the Ad Building housed everything: classrooms, dormitories, cafeteria, teachers’ offices. It was a beautiful four-story building with a bell tower and dormers. Unfortunately in 1919 there was an act of arson that burned part of the top floor of the building. The remodel of the top floor eliminated that bell tower and added three white pillars out front. That version of the building remained the same until 2003. In 2007 the current administration building was completed and retains those three white pillars and added back the original look of the bell tower and dormers. The following departments are located in the Ad Building: • Marketing and Enrollment Services (Admissions/Recruitment/Guest Relations) • History and philosophy • English, humanities, and the honors programs • The president’s office and some VP offices • Religion and theology • Alumni and Advancement